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Luke Sandler and His Hobbies

Luke Sandler hockey

Although Luke Sandler does not remember the first hockey game he ever watched, his parents told him it was a Hawks game he attended with his them. His parents said he decided right then and there this was what he wanted to do. He was only two or three years old at the time but his dad knew he would be a player one day. His family was proud when he played against Rockford with the Chicago Wolves during his first preseason game. He had a lot of fun despite his initial nerves. He enjoys hockey and has spent countless hours playing hockey on the bus, spending time in his bunk and talking to all different types of people. Sometimes the bus rides are long and he is no longer interested in playing anymore cards. Despite this, he keeps playing because he does not want to mess up the game for everyone else.

Luke Sandler was once asked to choose three famous or historical individuals to share dinner with. He picked J.J. Watt, Wendell Clark and Rocket Richard. He enjoys a wide assortment of music but hip-hop is his favorite. He listens to Cardi B. and Post Malone and used to binge watch Californication. He would love to vacation in the Maldives because the pictures he has seen are gorgeous. One of the few talents he is lacking is playing a musical instrument but he is a good dancer. He also has talent in drawing, designing and singing. When he needs comfort food, it is always a deep dish pizza. Luke Sandler has a good sense of humor. He freely admits he did not shave his beard because he was feeling a little lazy. After all, they were winning at the time. He also said the absolute worst mustache has ever seen belonged to Tanner Pond. The best part is he said it when Tanner was sitting right there. It made no difference because the pair are the best of friends.