Luke’s All-Round Experience and Path to Success

Luke Sandler work

Tanner Pond likes to joke around about how Luke Sandler takes care of all the cleaning and cooking while he just sits around the house. In actuality, Luke does not mind because he enjoys a neat home and likes to cook. He cleans up the kitchen right after a meal so he can enjoy his home and get on with life. He also served McKinsey’s Fast Growth Tech as a market lead with a specialty in consumer media companies and B2B growth strategies in New York. He additionally spend eight years in Hollywood as a digital media agent prior to serving McKinsey for three years on the East Coast. Currently, he is a consultant for media startups in the early stages. Luke Sandler is experienced regarding numerous different strategies, operational roles and marketing. He has been the digital media strategy consultant for ten global ad networks and publishers. He earned his MBA at Columbia Business School and his MA at the University of Oxford.

Luke Sandler believes an aggressive forecheck generates new opportunities and qualifies as a skill. He feels this not only makes him different, it helps him work with the team better and is a source of pride. He is an aggressive player, knows exactly where he stands and plans on moving up even more in the future. He plays all three of the forward positions, has a more winger niche and can play wherever the opening presents itself. He was a big fan of Brett Hull, and once wore the same number of seventeen. Number sixteen proved to be lucky during his juniors. He is no longer concerned with his actual number anymore because he has played for so many different teams. Back in the day, he picked three numbers and never received any of them. When 26 and sixteen became available he decided they would work out just fine.