The Inspirational Story Of Luke Sandler

Many people are unaware how well respected Luke Sandler is in the NYC entrepreneurial scene, the NYC Tech Scene and the LGBT community. He was involved with the Demo Day taking place at Two Sigma to find the LGBTQ startups with the honor of being the most innovative. The community participated in numerous sectors including shopping, healthcare, restaurant operations and fresh foods. The judging panel was comprised of only the most esteemed venture capitalists.

New York businessman and entrepreneur

About Luke Sandler New York

Luke SandlerLuke Sandler New York entrepreneur is extremely knowledgeable in many different areas. He has his views regarding everything from deep dish pizza to the importance of the LGBTQ community to his first pro goal. He is originally from Lincoln Park, Chicago, believes the best Chicago style pizza is found at Lou Malnati’s pizza and is a fan of Portillo’s restaurants. As a young man, he always chose the Italian beef over hot dogs. He so seldom has the chance to have a good Chicago hot dog as an adult, he admits he loads up whenever he can. Luke Sandler was in Indiana attending Culver Academy with his roommate and best friend when he first started to play hockey. The transition was easier because he was still fairly close to his home with a drive of only two hours.

When Luke Sandler was in juniors, he was thrilled when he played British Columbia. He loved Canada, had a lot of fun and loved playing in a different section of the country. He also enjoyed the nice setup and city of Atlanta but was not happy with the heavy flow of traffic. He realized the traffic in many cities is brutal. This is especially true in Los Angeles. He travels to the city whenever he can because his family and his mother live there. He started playing in Trail, British Columbia, discovered a great group of people, succeeded and enjoyed his first experience immensely. He then took the chance to go to Surrey near Vancouver, and made a push for the playoffs in Nanaimo. He loved the area and the view of the water from his home. His roommate was Tanner Pond and they play well together.